From anywhere, I’ll:

– Help you write/finish your songs and record them!

– Create custom tracks for you to sing or play on!

– Write and record music for your movie, TV show or Youtube Video

– Create a COOL Jingle, Commercial, Audio Logo, or On-Hold music for your business

– Sing or play Guitar, bass, and wild ethnic instruments on YOUR CD!

– Produce Your album – directly or as a consultant

– Create Loops, Samples and Royalty Free Music for your company


Dan Reed hired me to co-write + play Chinese Zither on this track. Dan sold 3 million records in the 80’s.

 Michelle played guitar and I added dulcimer, lead acoustic guitar, bass, the violin and shaker sounds, and mixed it – all in a few hours. I like her voice!

“You name it, I ate it.”
A fun tune I produced for Bonnie Jellenik. She wrote the lyrics years ago and always wanted to bring the songs to life. Recorded acoustic, live in my studio w/Vocalist
Anna Purnell.



Maximum Ink Music Magazine Song

Cool 60 Second Fun Blues Rock Jingle

15+ Years on Commercial Radio!

Israel National Radio

10 second “Audio Logo”

7 Years of International Airplay!!!

Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership (WMEP)

“Making Things is Cool”

Performed Live at 2014 + 2015 WMEP Conferences